Best Inserts for Work Boots: Top 5 Insoles for Flat Feet & more

Do your feet feel pain or simply just uncomfortable with every step you take? The problem could be your insoles. Does your footwear even have inserts? We’ll discuss what to look for in an insole and highlight the best inserts for work boots currently available. Get ready to feel very comfortable in your shoes!

Updated October 2022 by Tony Bleak

best inserts for work boots

In a Hurry? The Top Pick of the Best Inserts for work boots:

Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles, Read on to find out why.

Best Inserts for Work Boots

Arch support
Scholl’s Comfort &
Energy Work Insoles
Scholl’s Pain Relief
Orthotics -Heavy Duty
YesYesLightweight foam
Scholl’s Massaging
Gel Work Insoles
YesYesHard rubber
Jobsite Arch Orthotic
Rebound Cushion
YesYesAdvanced orthoticView
Timberland PRO
Anti Fatigue Insole

Key Features of the best inserts for work boots

Inserts are different in their design, material and specific features to meet the expectation for their intended purpose.


The material that makes the insole should be a durable and comfortable one. This is a must if you want it to perform its function well.

Some materials have gel inserts. This type of insole is the best for people who need extra cushioning. And want the insole to absorb more shock. Gel inserts are fantastic as they make the insole flexible and takes the shape of your foot with every step.

The inner soles can be fitted with memory foam. Most insoles are made with form inserts. Manufacturers love this material as it offers high versatility. They absorb shock and spread the weight across the feet. Making the feet feel very comfortable. These insoles can be trimmed to perfectly fit in the shoe.

Arch support

The arches of your feet are very sensitive to different types of padding. If the arches of your feet are not well supported, your feet will feel pressured and fatigued. And you will not be comfortable putting pressure on your feet.

Different people require different arch support. They include:

  • Rigid Arch Support. This gives the arch firm support. It is preferred by those that want sturdy arch support. Choose this type if you have a high arch.
  • Semi-Rigid Arch Support. Known as neutral arch support. This insole is the best for people that do not know what type of arch support they need.
  • Cushioned Arch Support. Good for people working in areas with hard surfaces. Like concrete floors. They provide extra cushioning to support your arch and absorb shock.
  • Minimal Arch Support. This is the best option for people with flat feet. And if you need more support or cushioning in your current shoes that already have arch support, these will be suitable.


You want the insoles to have good cushioning to absorb as much impact shock as possible. To keep your feet comfortable and free from fatigue. The thicker it is, the more shock it will absorb.

Breathable material

As you are adding something additional to the shoe with an insert, you want it to be breathable to avoid stuffy, hot feet becoming sweaty. A breathable insole will make sure your feet remain dry and fresh throughout the day.

The 5 Best Inserts for Work Boots

Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Insoles

Dr Scholl’s has quite the reputation in foot care. Their major contribution is in creating amazing insoles. These specific insoles are perfect for people working in construction, as ironworker welding, logger and others working on hard surfaces like concrete.

The inserts are constructed with advanced gel technology. This gel absorbs the shock as you walk to protect from foot fatigue. It has great arch support. Making your feet comfortable all day as you walk.

The insoles have inbuilt vents that offer cooling to the feet, keeping them fresh and dry.

These inserts fit perfectly into the shoes and have been fitted with adhesives. They can be used with a wedge sole as well.


  • Advanced gel technology
  • Inbuilt cooling vent
  • Ideal for working on hard surfaces
  • Shock absorption
  • Good arch support
  • Adhesives to make them fit in the shoe


  • Designed for mens feet only
  • Without the adhesive, it keeps moving in the shoe
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Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support

This one is special in that it is created for foot ailments including lower foot pain and plantar fasciitis. These insoles are suitable for a demanding long work day.

The insoles are heavy duty insoles, capable of supporting over 200 pounds. Its design is an arch and shock guard technology.  The soles work to spread the weight on the feet. They reduce foot impact by absorbing shock as you walk, making sure you are comfortable throughout the day.

They have a deep heel cut. This gives the foot comfort and heels will be well situated for stability.

It comes in size 8-14.

The insoles are built with a lightweight foam. It is breathable keeping the feet cool and dry throughout.


  • Reduce foot impact
  • Lightweight foam
  • Heavy duty, 200lbs +
  • Deep heel cut
  • Arch guard shock support


  • Some users say the fabric peels off after a few days
  • No womens sizes
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Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles

These insoles have been built to make sure your tired feet do not affect your work performance. First, they are made from durable rubber. This material is soft and comfortable to the feet. And flexible. This flexibility attribute makes sure the insoles fit perfectly into the shoe.

They are preferred by people that perform hardcore tasks. These insoles are recommended for people who need to be on their feet in excess of 6 hours. They are relatively cheap and good value for money.

Come in sizes 8-13.


  • Best for long hours of work
  • Can be trimmed at the toes for a good fit in shoes
  • Good heel and arch support


  • Users complain that the rubber becomes hard after a few months of use
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Jobsite® Power Tuff Orthotic Boot Insoles-Arch Support and High Rebound Cushion

These insoles from Jobsite are amazing work boot insoles. They have been designed for people suffering from swollen and aching feet. The soles are constructed with advanced orthotic that boosts the comfort level of the insoles in any shoe.

They have a deep heel cut that supports the heel and provides good arch support.

It has a high rebound heel cushioning. This gives extra comfort to the feet.

The soles are made from a super-breathable material. Makes sure the feet stay dry and fresh all day. It is fitted with an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial lining. This means you do not need to worry about any odors.

Available in mens and womens sizes.


  • Deep heel cut
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial lining
  • Arch support
  • Super-breathable material
  • High rebound cushioning


  • The arch is not comfortable for everyone
  • Not for use over insoles already in the shoe
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Timberland Pro Men’s Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole

These insoles are a masterpiece creation by Timberland. You cannot go wrong with them. Timberland is known for making great work boots. They sure know which insoles would complement their lace up or pull on boots.

The insoles keep you comfortable and add a spring to your step as you walk. Making sure to absorb all the shock and keep your feet from fatigue. The spring effect is made possible by its inbuilt anti fatigue technology.

They are made with open cell OrthoLite® materials. This material aids in moisture control, long-lasting cushioning and breathability.

The insoles can be washed. And its qualities will not be affected.

They have a synthetic construction. This aids in controlling the temperatures and preventing bacterial growth.


  • Arch support
  • Synthetic construction
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • OrthoLite® open-cell structure


  • Thick insoles that require you to get a shoe ½ size bigger
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Customer Impression for the best work boot Inserts

People that have used the Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles have said how the inserts live up to their expectations. Most of the customers’ recommend these as the go to insoles for comfort and durability.  

Customers praise Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics Heavy Duty Support. Most are grateful that they do not have to suffer foot pain anymore. They support their weight perfectly and are long-lasting. 

Customers that have purchased the Timberland Pro Men’s Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole have complained that they have been overly praised. Some customers find the cushion extremely comfortable. Most find that they are not suitable for long hours. 


Insets are very important for the comfort of your feet. Make sure you purchase one with the features highlighted above to give you maximum comfort and keep your feet safe.

As the best inserts for work boots incl steel toe, composite toe or any other safety shoes, I cannot recommend the Comfort and Energy Work Insoles enough. They have good features to keep you comfortable, durable AND are one of the most budget friendly.

Boot insoles for military boots

Military boots can be harsh to the feet. You can remedy this by getting good insoles. They will take away the pressure from your feet. And give you comfort. Make sure any inserts meant for military boots have:

  • Thick insoles. Look out for sole active thick insoles. They have an open cell foam layer that cushions your feet. Thick insoles absorb the shock as you walk. Taking the pressure away from your feet. Leaving you feeling comfortable.
  • Breathable. The insoles should be breathable. To keep your feet dry and fresh all through the day. And do away with odors.
  • Good arch support. Insoles with good arch support will give your feet good comfort. Arch support varies from person to person. Choose the one that suits you and purchase an insole with it.
  • Anti-bacterial lining. This will prevent bacterial growth. And keep the shoe from odors.

Powerstep Comfortlast is a good example; made of variable foam cushioning. This gives the feet maximum support where it needs it most: the pressure points.

The gel at the heel offers maximum heel support. And to absorb shock as you walk. The upper part has an antimicrobial lining. This does away with bacterial growth. Keeping the feet fresh and prevents odors.

They have natural non slip grip that makes them easily fit into shoes. And to stay put without any slipping around inside the shoe.

This insole has a superior arch support and a heel cradle. This combination results in maximum comfort.

Insoles for cowboy boots

Have your leather cowboy boots become more and more uncomfortable? Maybe the problem is the insole. A compressed and thinned insole is of no use.

Well, there’s a solution. You might need to replace those worn out insoles.

Some features you should look out for include:


Cowboy boots come in different shapes. You will need to get an insole that matches the shape of the shoe.


The thicker the insole the better. This thickness will help it absorb shock as you walk. The more impact the insert absorbs, the less your feet have to. This will keep your feet from fatigue and pain.


A breathable insole will keep your feet fresh and dry all through. By regulating moisture in the shoe.

The best example of insoles for cowboy boots is the Ariat Men’s ATS Footbed Wide Square Toe and the Ariat Men’s ATS Round Footbeds. The square toe one is for square toe shaped boots. And the round one is for round shaped boots.

They are built with ATS technology. The insoles have gel fitted in all the pressure areas of the feet. This makes sure shock is absorbed as you walk. Keeping your feet comfortable.

It has a heel stabilizer. This works to keep the foot enclosed and supported throughout the day.

Getting insoles for your cowboy boots is a very good idea as cowboy boots build up a lot of pressure. And your feet become fatigued quickly. Your toes, heels and arches are the most affected.

Insoles will take away this problem. And have you enjoying your boots all over again.

Shoe inserts for working on concrete for the Best Inserts for work boots

Concrete floors are hard and harsh to walk on. They do not spring back and do not absorb any shock as you walk. This causes a lot of problems for your feet and your back. With time, they start to hurt and feel overly fatigued.

Getting the best insoles to fit into your working boots/shoes is a really good idea. An insole will give you the extra cushioning you need to stay comfortable. It will absorb the shock and spread the weight across the feet. In this way, it eliminates fatigue from the feet.

Make sure you know the specific needs of your feet. This way, you will be enjoy the right shoe inserts for working on concrete.

The best insoles for working on concrete is one of Dr. Scholl’s creations. This includes the Comfort and Energy Work Insoles for Men and Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support. They have been created with gel cushioning to absorb shock.

These insoles have excellent arch support. They have cooling vents to keep the feet cool and dry.

Insoles for flat feet work boots: Best Inserts for work boots

Some of your foot needs have a lot to do with the shape of your feet. And their pressure points. People with flat feet will gain support from insoles with arch support that stabilises the foot and prevents overpronation or rolling of the foot.

As much cushioning as you can fit comfortably in your work boots will help absorb and distribute the shock of walking on hard surfaces.

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