Best Work Boots for Standing on Concrete Floors All Day

Working on cement surfaces is tough on your feet. You need to invest in a safety shoe that will keep your feet safe. And shoes that will keep you comfortable all through the day.  Are you looking for the best work boots for standing on concrete for work? Well, look no further! We’ve highlighted all you need to know below.

A concrete floor does not absorb shock as you walk. Without proper shoes, our feet will absorb the shock and it will affect our whole body, from feet into our legs, through our joints right up to our back. Problems can include pain, poor posture, back pain, shin splints, foot fatigue and many more.

Updated October 2022  by Tony Bleak

best work boots for standing on concrete floors all day

In a Hurry? The Top Pick:

Irish Setter 6” Work Boot, Read on to find out why.

Concrete Floor shoes

Comparison Table

Slip Resistant
Safety ToeFeatures
Irish Setter 83605 Work BootYesNoRubber-EVA outsole
Wedge sole
Heat & EH resistant
Wolverine W02421 Raider BootYesNoThick rubber outsole
Welt construction
Timberland Pro 6” Pit BossYesSteelThick rubber outsole
Oil slip-resistant
Caterpillar Second Shift YesSteelThick rubber outsole
Slip resistant
Thorogood American HeritageYesSteelThick Crepe outsole
Welt construction
Nylon heel shank

Key features

For a boot to be effective for cement floor work, it should have:

Anti shock Insole

Insoles are an additional layer of protection you don’t want to overlook. Most work boots that are suitable for working long hours on concrete, have insoles. However, there are specialised insoles you might want to consider replacing them with. These could also make a work boot suitable for people suffering from heel pain or low arch that need a specific type of support.

Dense soles

The soles of shoes are what shields us from the impact shock our feet experience with every step. In this case, a dense sole is what will protect your feet from the harmful effect of walking on hard concrete floors. Wearing a boot with a dense sole will absorb the shock, protecting your feet and joints from the impact. The denser the sole of the boot the better.


Smooth concrete floors can become slippery with liquid spills. This makes the floors a slipping hazard. Slipping and falling on a hard concrete floor could cause a serious injury to anyone. Avoid this by making sure your work shoe has good traction. Good traction will give you a good ground grip. And you will remain stable and not skid or fall as you walk on slippery concrete.

The 5 Best Work Boots for Standing on Concrete

Irish Setter Men’s 6” 8305 Work Boot

The Irish Setter is an amazing boot, designed to keep you comfortable and safe. The wedge design makes this possible. The shoe has a 6-inch wedge sole to give you more support.

The boot has a rubber Eva ‘Traction Tread’ outsole. Its thickness makes the boot long-lasting on all floors. The material makes sure the boot is heat and electrical hazard resistant. Its one of a kind traction makes the boot more stable on any type of floor.

It is made of high-quality leather to ensure durability. Their light weight makes them even more comfortable.

The insole is made of a stay-dry-non-woven nylon lining. Your feet will remain fresh all day.


  • Light boots, 1.5 pounds each
  • Heat and electrical hazard resistant
  • Rubber-EVA ‘Traction Tread’ outsole
  • Non-woven nylon insole
  • 6” wedge for extra support
  • Has antique brass eyelets


  • No steel toe
  • Only water resistant
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Wolverine Raider Boot

This boot is a Wolverine masterpiece. It is made of leather and is designed to keep you comfortable on all hard surfaces. How does it achieve this?

First, the boot comes with a multishox insole. This insole is further cushioned on the midsole. All this makes sure your arch is supported as well as absorbing shock.  The insole is removable. This makes it easier to clean.

The boot has a 1.5” heel for extra support. It is constructed with a dual ‘ContourWelt’ that bends and flexes with the feet as you walk. This gives extra stability to the shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is constructed with a 5.5” shaft with a lace enclosure.

The sole is made of rubber that is arched to provide support, especially on slippery surfaces.


  • High quality leather
  • Abrasion resistant rubber outsole
  • Multishox insole with a cushioned midsole
  • Light boots weighing 2.2 lbs each
  • Has a dual ‘ContourWelt’ construction


  • No steel toe
  • Leather needs conditioning every now and then
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Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel Toe

Timberland boots should excite you as one of the best work boots for standing on concrete. They are designed to keep you safe, comfortable and stylish all day long. The leather used is of high quality for durability.

The upper part of the shoe is made of steel black leather.

Its insole has a polyurethane midsole arched for support and comfort. The insole is designed to absorb shock and keep foot fatigue at bay.

The insole works hand in hand with a nylon diffusion plate. This plate is inbuilt with the rubber outer sole. The plate provides a layer of support and torsional rigidity to prevent injuries to the foot.

The outsole is made of substantial rubber that is slip-resistant to oil.

This boot has an antimicrobial lining that prevents odors and keeps your feet fresh all day long. The shoe is fitted with extra materials to make it safer: (1) A steel toe and (2) electrical shock hazard resistance.


  • Made from high quality leather
  • Oil slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • A puncture resistant plate for foot protection
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Steel toe to protect against impact and compression
  • Light boots with each weighing 1.7 lbs


  • Not waterproof
  • Bulky
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Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

These boots are an amazing Caterpillar creation. They are designed to keep you comfortable and safe as you work in challenging, logger, welding or construction type environments.

The boots are fitted with a contoured insole. This keeps the feet comfortable and absorbs shock as you walk.

These boots have been shaped to follow the shape of your foot. This gives you maximum comfort as your feet will not be squeezing into the boot.

It has a thick outsole. Which cancels the effects of the hard concrete floor, giving you maximum comfort. The upper part is made of leather.

The boots have a fitted steel toe cap and full lace up closures. It also has a climasphere insole that makes the shoe breathable keeping the feet fresh.


  • High quality, durable leather boot
  • Has a steel toe cap
  • Slip resistant rubber sole
  • Contoured insole that absorbs shock
  • Shaped to take the natural shape of feet
  • Climasphere insole


  • It is heavy
  • Some customers report that the outsole comes off after some time
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Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8” Work Boots

This is a tall type of work boot that offers maximum comfort to your feet when working on concrete surfaces.

The boot has a Goodyear welt construction that makes it able to endure concrete surfaces better than other boots. This type of construction also provides comfort and reduces the break-in time.

Its outsole is thick for durability. The boot is also fitted with a shock-absorbing nylon heel shank and has a Poron insole that is cushioned for comfort.

Other features include a steel toe cap and an upper part made of leather.


  • Made from genuine high-quality grain leather
  • Steel toe cap for protection
  • Poron cushioned insole
  • Shock absorbent Nylon heel shank
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Thick outsole made of crepe
  • Light boots weighing 2.1 pounds each


  • Not waterproof
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Customer Impressions

Customers that have used the Irish Setter Men’s 6”8305 Work Boot have said that they got their money’s worth although they are not cheap. The customers have vouched for the boot to be durable and comfortable. Others say that for that price they did not expect to find something of this good quality. 

The Wolverine Raider Boot while being described as good has received a few negative comments. Some of the users complain that the shoe is not durable because the eyelets are weak. But in general, most of the users like it for its overall durability. 

A common complaint is related to the material used at the ankle of the Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel Toe. They say that the material scraps their skin leaving them with blisters. Making the shoe very uncomfortable. It is also more heavy compared to a lightweight composite toe.


There you have it, the mens and womens best work boots for standing on concrete to keep your feet safe on concrete floors. Not only will your feet be safe, but actually your whole body since it’s all connected.

Invest in a good shoe that will take the pressure off your feet. And leave you feeling comfortable all day long and avoid chronic injuries caused by long hours on a concrete floor. 

I recommend the Irish Setter Work Boot as the very best. The design keeps you safe comfortable all day long as you work on concrete floors. It is well worth the cost.


Work boots for walking on concrete

The effects of working on concrete surfaces will not be felt immediately. But after some time you will start to experience foot fatigue and pain in your knees and feet.

To combat this, you need to get high-quality boots that will give you the support you need. How do you know if your boots are the best for the job? Well, here are the top features you should look out for in work boots for walking on concrete:

1.      Thick sole

The sole of your shoes is your defence against the concrete floors. A dense sole will absorb and spread the shock protecting your feet. Thick soles are equally long-lasting. Concrete floors tend to wear and tear shoes really fast.

2.      Insoles

The insole is made from an arch supporting material. The material also has to be able to absorb shock. An example is a cushioned sole or those made from gel. Some boots have removable insoles, making it more comfortable. While others have insoles designed to fit the natural shape of your foot.

3.      High heel

You want to pick a shoe with a higher heel. The heel of your foot is what touches the ground first. A heel even an inch high will absorb most of the shock before your whole foot makes contact with the ground.

4.      Slip resistant

Concrete surfaces are very slippery when wet. Slipping is easy and you can get badly hurt. Ensure the sole of your boots has slip-resistant treats. The design redirects water out of the key pressure points of the foot. And will make sure your foot comes into contact with the ground.

5.      Snug fit

Get yourself boots that have been designed to have a snug fit. The shoe has to fit perfectly to work well. So get a shoe that will conform to the shape of your foot. And give you comfort.

Womens work shoes for concrete floors

You need comfortable shoes that will support you when working on concrete surfaces. If you are working on concrete floors for only a few hours then you likely not feel any repercussions. However, some people are more easily affected than others.

As a woman, you want both a presentable and comfortable shoe that will give you the protection and arch support you need. Great news! There is a vast choice for womens shoes suitable for concrete.

The important thing is to make sure the shoe has all the necessary features to keep your feet safe. And leave you feeling comfortable.

These features include a thick sole, comfortable insole, snug-fit and slip resistance. The reason the shoe needs to have a thick sole is to absorb and spread the shock as you walk. This protects your foot from being the one that actually absorbs the shock.

The insole should be able to take the shape of your foot to give you comfort and absorb shock effectively. A high-heel will help elevate your foot perfectly and absorb most of the shock.

Since smooth concrete floors become very slippery when wet. Make sure the shoe is slip-resistant to keep you safe.

The best example of a womens best work boots for standing on concrete is the Sketchers for Work Women’s 76033 Soft Stride-Softie Lace up. It has all the features mentioned above to give your foot maximum support. Other added features include a cushioned, padded upper part. The rear of the shoe is padded. It also has a perforated vent that makes the shoe breathable.

The best work boots for standing on concrete all day long

Having a job that requires you to stand on concrete surfaces is not an easy task. Your feet are vulnerable to injuries caused by the concrete. Concrete surfaces do not absorb shock as we walk or stand on them. If you have very thin shoe soles, you will feel the unpleasant impact of every step.

After some time, you will begin to experience knee pain, ankle pains, ingrown toenails, bunions among other injuries. These injuries take time to heal. Not thinking about the medication you will have to invest in.

It’s best to avoid such problems. And get yourself suitable shoes that will keep you safe from the concrete floors.

The question is, what should I look for in the best work boots for standing on concrete? Here are some features that the shoe should have:

  • Cushioned midsoles. The midsole is the part between the outsole and the insole. This cushion absorbs any shock and gives you maximum support.
  • High heel. A high heel will give you great arch support. Your foot is well aligned and comfortable. The heel absorbs shock too. Protecting your feet.
  • Insoles. For extra comfort, it is ideal for the insoles to be magnificent. Some shoes come with removable insoles. They support your foot and absorb shock.
  • Thick sole. A thick sole will absorb shock as you walk and spread it evenly.
  • Slip resistant. A smooth concrete floor can be very slippery with any liquid on it. Make sure the shoes you get have good traction to make them slip resistant.
  • Good fit. The shoes will only work perfectly if they fit perfectly. Get shoes that will conform to the natural shape of your foot.

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