Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers: Unbeatable Fedex, UPS & Long Haul Shoes

Delivery drivers do their work in a vast array of locations, driving just about any type of vehicle—a large truck, a delivery van or even a road bike. They must be undeterred by adverse weather conditions and delivery locales that can be dangerous. They deliver anything from fast food to foam mattresses, and spend long hours doing so. 1 of our best work boots for delivery drivers is a traditional pull on boot.  All have unique features that appeal to a segment of this specific category of work boots. These 5 rise to the top among many other good work boots by companies like Carolina, Danner, Carhartt, Nike, and Diehard.

However, virtually all delivery people have one trait in common—they are always in a relative hurry since time is of the essence.  Delivery people need mens and womens work boots that provide them on-the-job comfort so that they can concentrate on making quick and accurate deliveries rather than think about any aches and pains.

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best work boots for delivery drivers

In a Hurry? The Top Pick:

Keen Utility XT Met Steel Toe, Read on to find out why

Our top 5 long-distance travel boots and shoes for truck drivers include 3 work boots and 2 work shoes. They reflect the broad range of situations faced by delivery drivers for corporate giants like Amazon, UPS, and Fedex as well as independent contractors working in the sharing economy, delivering everything from people to pizza.

Comparison Table

Safety ToeFeatures
Timberland Direct
Attach 6” Boot
YesSoftTan, brown or black
Thermal midsole
Irish Setter 6”
83605 Work Boot
ResistantSoftEH-hazard & heat resistant
Wedge style
Made in USA
Caterpillar Revolver
Pull-on Boot
ResistantSteelTall boot at 11″
EH-hazard & slip-resistant
Shock-absorbing midsole
Goodyear welt construction
Skechers Afterburn
Memory-foam Sneaker
NoSoftCushioned tongue
Wedge style
Memory Foam Insole
Keen Utility DetroitYesSteelOil- and Slip-Resistant,
Metatarsal Guard
Non-profit partnerships
supporting veterans

Key Features of Courier Safety Shoes

The comfort and durability of leather

The leather uppers increase the comfort and durability of a delivery driver’s work shoe, so it makes sense that all five of our best work boots have at least some leather in the upper. Since leather is both breathable and moldable, it allows your foot moisture to dissipate as it gently molds to the contours of your foot. A great work shoe or boot will actually get more comfortable with increased wear. It should also last a long time if it is properly cared for. 

Rubber soles for traction, comfort and safety

Rubber soles provide traction in varied terrain and weather conditions. Whether you’re driving a Fedex delivery truck or delivering fast food for Doordash or Grubhub, you need sure footing. Rubber naturally provides a non slip quality that is also spongy and easy on the legs. Rubber soles also enhance a delivery driver’s safety because it is inherently shock resistant.

Waterproofing to keep feet dry, comfortable and prevent foot problems

It’s normal for feet to be moist when they are inside a closed shoe or boot for several hours. However, expose your feet to extended periods of dampness caused by rainy weather or wet work conditions, and you’re likely to develop foot problems, especially callouses and tinea pedis—athlete’s foot.

Waterproof boots won’t eliminate normal foot moisture, but they will make your feet much less susceptible to the burning, itching and general discomfort associated with large callouses or athlete’s foot. Delivery people—more than construction workers who work indoors–need the protection provided by waterproof boots.

If your deliveries require you to brave the elements, you’ll find that the Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach and the Keen Utility Detroit Steel Toe will keep your feet dry.

Best shoes for Fedex courier: An employee or independent contractor

Uber drivers or food delivery drivers working for Eat24 or Pizza Hut generally perform their work as an independent contractor. They can choose a safety shoe with a moc toe or a cheap, lightweight, square toe slip on that does very little to protect their feet. The decision is theirs.

Loggers delivering logs to the sawmill, or drivers for Amazon, UPS or Fedex are employees of the company. As such they must meet the requirements the employer stipulates, whether that’s a lace-up, puncture resistant safety boot with a metatarsal guard or a cowboy boot that slips on quickly and protects the lower leg as well as the ankle.

Timberland Whiteledge Boot is one of the best shoes for fedex courier and is highly recommended for most delivery drivers. These boots provide ankle support unlike sneaker styles. This is an added safety measure considering how much you’ll be jumping in and out of your delivery truck, navigating uneven ground and avoiding missteps on sidewalk edges.

The difference in classification is a critical one, and could significantly affect which of these work boots or shoes will be the best for you. 

Other specific factors that may tip the scale for you

If you need to wear a safety shoe while you make deliveries, then only 2 of these 5 favorites will work for you. Do you despise the look of synthetic fabrics on work shoes? You’ll narrow your choices from 5 to 3. If you need a tall leather boot, then only the pull on from Caterpillar is a viable consideration for you.

If you’re convinced that a traditional wedge heel is not a look you like, then you’ll immediately eliminate the Irish Setter boot. You may look through the chart and find only 1 option that comes close to meeting the requirements you consider to be absolutely essential. It nearly makes finding shoes easy.

The 5 Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers

Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6” Soft-toe Boot 

The Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6” soft-toe provides a waterproof leather upper, an antimicrobial, polyurethane insole, and a heavy-duly lugged sole that is both slip resistant and shock resistant.  


  • Leather  
  • Water proof 
  • Antimicrobial insole
  • Insulated


  • Most expensive of the 5 
  • Imported 
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Irish Setter 6” Work Boot

The Irish Setter 6” 83605 Work Boot meets EH standards and combines a heat-resistant and slip-resistant sole with a leather upper. 


  • Lightweight boot
  • Heat resistant combination rubber/EVA insole


  • Water resistant but not waterproof 
  • Imported
  • Mens sizes only
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Caterpillar Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Boot 

The Caterpillar Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Boot combines the safety feature of a steel toe with a traditional pull-on leather boot. The wedge sole is made of slip-resistant rubber. 


  • Shock-absorbing insole 
  • Dual-pull handles
  • Full-length boot


Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Skecher Afterburn Memory-foam Lace up Sneaker 

The Skecher Afterburn Memory-foam Lace up Sneaker combines comfort, great fit and value. With a slip-resistant wedge sole and a memory foam insole, this shoe provides safety and comfort. 


  • Highest score of the 5 regarding expected fit 
  • Memory-foam insole 
  • Wedge sole
  • Very lightweight
  • Least expensive


  • Black color only
  • Imported
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Keen Utility Detroit Steel Toe 

The Keen Utility Detroit Steel Toe is a heavy-duty shoe with the protection of a safety toe and a puncture-resistant met guard. This shoe features a removable, moisture-wicking insole and Cleansport NXT odor-fighter. 


  • Steel toe with met guard 
  • Removable insole
  • Cleansport NXT odor-fighter


  • Met guard makes this relatively heavy
  • Imported 
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Customer Impression

About 60% of the people who purchased any of our 5 favorites absolutely loved them. They praised the fit, the durability, the style and the comfort—especially the COMFORT.

Across the board, some purchasers called each of these boots their favorite boots, saying that they had purchased other boots for years, but had decided to change their allegiance. Their old favorites included boots from well-established brands like Thorogood, Ariat, Wolverine. and Red Wing.

Boots for truck drivers: Irish Setter boot

A dump truck driver who purchased the Irish Setter boot noted that he repeatedly jumped in and out of his truck every day. His boot wore well and kept his feet comfortable.  He is pleased with his boots and recommends them as good boots for truck drivers.

Comfort and durability are keys to customer satisfaction.

Customers who loved these work boots did so because the shoes were comfortable and because they lasted as long as the customer expected them to last. Comfort and durability were key topics mentioned repeatedly in the feedback from purchasers. To get an excellent review, work boots or shoes needed to score well in both categories.

The soles are a problem: This is true for all 5 of the best boots.

The vast majority of disgruntled customers complain about the soles of these boots.  This is true for all 5 of the best boots. If people had a major problem with any of these boots, it was almost always that the soles split, came loose from the upper or just wore out in a few months.

Some customers included photographs that very clearly demonstrated the truthfulness of their claims. A related problem is that purchasers didn’t always realize the problem existed until just after the return period expired.

Keen shoe with the met guard:

They complained of being stuck with defective boots, but not having a way to correct the problem. The Keen shoe with the met guard rated the best in this area, but it also had considerably fewer reviews.

Even among reviewers who gave positive feedback, there’s some concern about overall quality.

Not surprisingly, customers who left negative feedback had little good to say about the particular boot they purchased. Several groused that they had purchased the same boot before and that the quality of the previous boot was much better. 

The surprising fact is that a number of satisfied customers voiced the same concern, noting that the soles on the previous boots lasted longer and that the boots were more comfortable. 


These top 5 long distance travel boots and shoes for trucks, Fedex, UPS and more have diverse features that mirror the diversity that exists in the world of delivery drivers.

Our top 5 include an insulated boot suitable for winter deliveries, a tall pull-on leather steel toe boot, and a rugged lace-up work shoe with a met guard. They vary considerably in price as well as in appearance.  

The Keen Utility XT Met Steel Toe is super for anyone who needs a beefy, heavy-duty shoe that provides both protection and comfort.  The Skecher Afterburn Lace-up Memory-foam Sneaker offers great value for the money. The one that is best for you is the one that matches your work environment and your feet.


The best UPS work shoes

Ultimately, UPS work shoes must have ankle support, be non-slip and have polish-able uppers. You can find these qualities in the Timberland Pro – Mens 6″ Direct Attach Steel Safety Boot. An excellent choice for UPS Work Shoes any day. They have great reviews and rave about the comfort from day 1.

However they do have a steel toe which makes them a bit more heavy if you are on your feet all day but you’ll also be lugging heavy items around that might very well fall on your feet per accident. And then you would be rather pleased with the toe cap protection they offer. This is a no brainer in my opinion if you are looking for quality UPS work shoes.

PS make sure to choose the black version so that it has the polish-ability that UPS requires.

What are the best boots for a UPS driver?

UPS drivers are a great example of delivery workers who make their deliveries in a vast array of locations and conditions. They also must adhere to some company requirements concerning what is acceptable footwear.

Company policies stipulate that UPS delivery workers’ footwear must be sturdy, slip-resistant and made of black or brown leather that can be polished. Given these requirements—and the pace at which UPS workers are known to move—these are some good options for a UPS driver:

What are some considerations when choosing good shoes for driving long distances?

Driving long distances is hard on your legs and feet. That may not seem sensible, since you’re not stressing your feet, tackling rough terrain or carrying heavy loads.

However, driving is hard on your legs and feet simply because your legs aren’t moving. Your circulatory system works harder to circulate fresh blood to your feet. If you take breaks only infrequently, your feet may begin to feel numb. What should you consider when choosing shoes to wear on that long road trip?

  • Are these easy to get on and off? If you’re the co-pilot and need to take a short nap, can you slip your shoes off quickly and let your feet rest while the rest of you does? If you’re making a quick stop, can you slip your shoes back on quickly?
  • Are these shoes roomy? Legs and feet tend to swell a bit when they are stationary for extended periods of time. Shoes that feel only slightly snug when you start out may be uncomfortably tight after a few hours of travelling. Shoes for driving long distances need to a have a little extra room.
  • Do these shoes allow you to walk comfortably if you face difficulties? We never want to think about it, but accidents do happen and break-downs occur at inconvenient moments. Could you walk a long distance comfortably in these shoes if you needed to do so?

What key features do the best shoes for delivery drivers have?

Customers indicate that the best shoes for delivery drivers focus on fit, durability and comfort.  Since delivery drivers work in such a broad array of settings, there’s a range of opinions about what constitutes a good fit.

Uber drivers who deliver people to destinations really only need a shoe that’s comfortable for driving and an occasional hoisting of a passenger’s belongings. Conversely, UPS or Amazon drivers need shoes that protect their feet from falling packages with either a steel or composite toe and still provide them good traction while they hurry across wet yards or busy streets.

Delivery drivers often need to complete a route or circuit before their work is done. Traffic jams, extra orders, or seasonal sales can wreak havoc on a schedule and require drivers to work very long days. The best work boots for delivery drivers keep the driver’s feet comfortable even on those long, hectic days. 

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