My Name is Tony.

About me: I started this blog to help people find the right shoes for their specific job. There’s an overwhelming amount of choice out there. Once you find that perfectly comfortable, practical and good lookin’ pair, you’ll feel like you have a new lease on life!

Tony Bleak

All you ever need to know is on the ‘nets, but it might take awhile to find what you’re after. My hope is that this blog makes finding the right safety boots faster and easier. Let me know if you have specific questions at thefootfacts@gmail.com.

Take care of your feet so that they can take care of you.

And if you haven’t smiled at a stranger today go ahead and brighten someones day!

And About Maya.

I’m happy to join TheFootFacts as writer and co-Editor.

maya image

Writing about footwear is one of my longstanding passions and I love seeing what new boot and shoe features manufacturers come up with.

In my previous life I worked in HR. I still enjoy writing step by step guides and best practices. Easy to implement tips are one of my favorite type of article right now.

When not in front of a laptop, you can find me outside, rolling around in the grass taking photos of my cat or hiking.