Weird Safety Work Boots Facts

The First Safety Shoes

Clogs found in the Netherlands are the first form of the safest shoes you could wear to protect your feet during manual labor in the 17th century.

These shoes made from wood were carved by hand and called Sabots.

work boots with funny facts

Red Wing Safety Shoes

The first mass production of safety shoes took place in 1930. The main work boot feature was the steel toe protection to avoid injury to workers toes and feet from heavy falling or rolling objects.

Boots with Heels

For a few centuries, boot heels signified a higher social standing and also prevented riders falling out of their stirrups. Men enjoyed wearing boots with a heel before women did and work boot heels are still a critical feature to ensure ladders are climbed safely by both men and women.

More than One

On average women in the US have 19 pairs of shoes in their closet. Shoes are regarded as a collectors item by an area in your brain’s prefrontal cortex. Men, it is scientifically proven, so if you have collection tenancies, work boots could scratch that itch.

Dreams about Shoes

Are you well grounded with high self esteem? Then you might experience dreams about your favorite pair of boots.

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